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Post Production Package
We offer a complete
Post-Production Package.

Just hand over the raw video footage & we will deliver the final product on-time to the destination, ensuring best of quality. Our services include:
  • Editing Studio
  • Offline & Online Editing
  • Graphics
  • Audio Mixing & Dolby
  • Subtitles & TCR Script
  • Dubbing
  • English & Roman Translation
  • Mastering & Delivery

Welcome to RH Entertainment
Your post-production partner for both long and short formats.

With a powerful integration of Experience, Expertise & Technology, we help you meet the challenges of timeline & budget, to create quality content in today’s evolving digital entertainment arena.

We’re there for you at the finishing line to ensure that you are ahead
of your game, every time.

Latest Buzz!

RH Entertainment is member of the prestigious 'Association of Motion Pictures and TV Programmes Producers' and 'Film & TV editor Association'.


Spearheading the venture, Raghu Hegde envisions unlimited possibilities for RH Entertainment in the digital entertainment space.

A pioneer in contracting end to end Post-Production solutions, Raghu has propelled the venture with untamed grit, devotion and a vision beyond ordinary.

RH Entertainment aims to encompass the evolving technologies, mediums and platforms to be a one stop solution for digital entertainment content across.
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